Bus 945 travels with petrol box open, almost hitting motorcyclist's head

Submitted by Stomper Dani

This story was submitted via Stomp App contribution.

Stomper Dani was on his way back to Bukit Batok at around 11.30pm last night (Sep 15) when he noticed the petrol box of the bus in front of him open.

He said:

"It seemed very dangerous. There was one part we didn’t realise it was open and the road was very narrow, so we were waiting for the bus to move at the bus stop.

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“At this point, a motorcycle made its way next to the bus to overtake the bus. That’s when we realise the box was open and could have hit his head.

Thankfully, the biker did not get hit in the head by the petrol box.

Nonetheless, we hope for all motorists to be aware of their surroundings and to ensure their petrol boxes are closed at all times.