How does Toyota driver along Adam Rd think he can drive safely without a side mirror?

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Stomper Sanjay spotted a Toyota without its right side mirror near the junction of Adam Food Centre yesterday (Aug 31). 

The white car was spotted without a mirror on the driver's side at about 4pm. 

According to the Stomper, he still has his left mirror.

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Sanjay said:

"I believe that the Singapore Police force should take immediate action and prevent such ignorant and irresponsible drivers from being on the road.

"Theses type of reckless and ignorant drives put the lives of other road users at risk.

"I am not posting this to humiliate the offender or whatsoever.

"I am sending you this to reach out to all the road users on road safety and to aware and be on the lookout for reckless and ignorant drivers." 

The Stomper also noted that the driver was changing lanes without signalling.