Books with grossly obscene images in S'pore libraries: NLB says it's intended for adult library users

The National Library Board (NLB) has said that a book containing obscene images a Stomper saw on Saturday (Dec 17) at the National Library is meant for adult library users.

Yesterday, Stomper Maria said that her friend's daughter found a book titled 'Radiator Days' on a trolley in the library. The book featured obscene images of illustrated characters performing lewd acts.

When Maria went to the Woodlands Regional Library to look for the book to verify her friend’s account, she was horrified to see that the title was widely available in various different library branches. 

"Many of the stories revolve around adult themes and sexualised content", said the Stomper.

Stomp has done a search on Radiator Days, and found that the author's self-description of the content "range from the charming to the obscene".

An NLB spokesperson has issued a response to the book in question.

Said the spokesperson:

"NLB provides a diverse range of library materials that cater to all age groups and varied reading interests.

"The book “Radiator Days” by Lucy Knisley is shelved in the adult lending collection, under the Arts subject category for comic books and graphic novels, intended for our adult library users."