Auntie stops car at bus stop then suddenly dashes across Balestier Rd and gets hit by van

A woman got hit by a van after exiting her car and suddenly dashing across Balestier Road yesterday (Apr 27).

A video of the incident was posted on Facebook.

In the video, the woman stops her car with licence plate number SJF6915X at a bus stop along Balestier Road.

She then unexplainably begins to dash across the busy road.

She clears the first two lanes but is then hit by a van in the third lane and dragged for a short distance.

According to Amanda, the contributor, she then held up traffic insisting that the van driver stop at the side to "entertain her".

"I'm posting this video because in case the woman claims liability from the poor driver and causes him to lose his job, there's evidence that she's really the one at fault," Amanda wrote.

"I have no sympathy towards her at all. 

"And I don't see any sense in her crossing these busy roads whereby it wouldn't lead to anywhere."

Watch the video below.