Are they both in the wrong? Woman hits taxi after cabby stops really close to her at Hougang Ave 4

Is the pedestrian the king of the road, or does a driver have the right of way if the traffic conditions are in their favour?

This age old question gets repeatedly brought up, especially if clips like this go viral.

The video was shared on the Kuanyewism Facebook page and the incident occurred at Hougang Avenue 4.

The cabby driving taxi SHA 8036 U is seen slowing down to turn into an estate.

However, a woman and child are crossing the road at this point.

The cabby stops very close to the woman, and she gets angry and slams the front of the taxi.

The cab lurches forward at this point, and this enrages the woman even further.

She is seen talking to the cabby through the front passenger window.

However, as the taxi driver moves off, she slams the vehicle again.