Another V-Day date that's full of win: Dining at McDonald's East Coast Park

Yet another couple in Singapore has shown that Valentine's Day celebrations can be simple yet memorable and romantic.

Zula recently posted a Facebook photo of Instagram user Avril Cheong and her beau having a date at one of the most unlikely places: McDonald's at East Coast Park.

The dinner was not like any other meal at the fast food restaurant, however.

Not only did the couple's burgers come on proper white plates, they also enjoyed Milo in a wine glass and had a nice tablecloth to make it all seem so romantic.

This comes after a couple was spotted having their Valentine's Day dinner at Pasir Panjang Hawker Centre by Stomper Zack.

He was heartened by the unique yet touching sight, as well as how loving the duo were without having to splurge on an expensive meal at posh restaurants.