Another day, another train problem: 25 min of additional travel time from Pasir Ris to Joo Koon due to track fault at Bugis

Submitted by Stomper F

Commuters travelling on the East-West Line were held up today (Oct 27) due to a track fault, in what is the fourth related incident this week.

Stomper F was on her way to work during the morning rush hour when she experienced delays and slower trains. 

Said Stomper F: 

"I was super frustrated as the train would stop at every station for a few minutes.

"I had to inform my colleagues that I was experiencing a train delay and no prizes for guessing that I was late for work. This is the fourth breakdown in a week for the East-West Line." 

SMRT first mentioned about the track fault on Twitter at 8.43am, saying that commuters should allow for 15 minutes of additional travel time from Pasir Ris to Bugis stations towards Joo Koon and that the train service was still available.

SMRT made another tweet 22 minutes later to advise of an additional 20-minute delay along the East-West Line from Pasir Ris to Joo Koon. 

The additional travel time was then updated to 25 minutes.

At 10.26am, SMRT tweeted to announce an additional 15 minutes travel time from Pasir Ris to Bugis towards Joo Koon. 

The additional travel time was reduced to 10 minutes at 10.47am. 

At 11.06am, additional travel time on the East-West Line towards Joo Koon was five minutes. 

At 11.45am, SMRT announced that the fault had been cleared and train service was running normally on the East-West Line. 

Many took to Twitter to express their frustration at the train delay. 

Two days ago (Oct 25), commuters had also experienced a track fault on East-West Line at Jurong East and Clementi stations. 

Last Tuesday, a track fault caused delays of up to 20 minutes between Tanah Merah and Bugis stations. 

Six days ago, on Oct 21, commuters also encountered a train fault on the East-West Line and resulted in delays from Queenstown to Jurong East stations towards Joo Koon.