Another day, another train delay: Circle Line issues plague commuters for 4th straight day

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Travel on the Circle Line continue to be disrupted, as commuters experience train delays for the fourth straight day.

Stomper Eric shared a photo of the crowded situation on the Circle Line platform towards Botanic Garden this morning (Sep 1).

Commuters have similarly been plagued by train delays due to 'signalling issues' for the past three days.

SMRT tweeted at 6.56am today:

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Something in the Circle Line tunnels is interfering with signalling communication between trains and track, and operator SMRT and the Land Transport Authority (LTA) have yet to determine exactly what it is, My Paper reported.

The phenomenon, unheard of since the driverless line fully opened five years ago, has caused slower trains and longer waits since Monday.

According to The Straits Times, they are "working round the clock" to fix the signalling faults that have left commuters complaining.

In a joint statement on Thursday (Sep 1) morning, LTA and SMRT said that they are working with a team from train manufacturer Alstom but their hands are tied by the inability to conduct trackside checks and examine equipment while the line is running. 

This can only be done after operating hours, the statement said.

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