Commuters forced to walk on track after LRT breaks down in Punggol

Passengers were seen alighting the Light Rail Transit (LRT) to walk on the tracks after it broke down yesterday (June 22).

Stomper Zak was just getting home from work when she saw the incident from her home window in Punggol. 

According to the Stomper, the LRT had broken down in the middle of Punggol and Cove station.

"It was quite a distance to walk, and it was drizzling," Zak said.

The Straits Times reported that service resumed at Punggol LRT after a disruption of about half an hour.

SBS Transit tweeted at 5.59pm that there was no service at the LRT line due to a power fault.  

Free bus rides and bridging bus services were available. These ceased at around 6.50pm.

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