Singapore guy makes his own presentation slides to win heart of funeral undertaker

Funeral undertaker Kelly Lim went viral in a matter of days after she shared a six-slide presentation titled, "Why you should swipe right".

The tongue-in-cheek post amused netizens with the 26-year-old's wit and sense of humour.

"I create my own memes because my life is a joke," she said.

Her confidence took many off guard but it worked because Kelly got hundreds of suitors lined up in no time.

One lovestruck guy, clearly impressed my Kelly's 'resume', decided to prepare his own presentation slides detailing why she should consider dating him.

Goh Yong Wei posted his slides on Facebook and wrote: "Help me find Kelly Lim so she can swipe right on me!"

Like Kelly, Yong Wei injected humour into his slides with a somewhat self-deprecating tilt.

He wrote: Not only do I love this big big world, I will also love you, because you know, big man big heart (sic)."

Check out his full presentation in the gallery below and tell us if you think Kelly should give him a chance.