Singapore Flyer reviews crowd control management after complains of long queue, lack of social distancing

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Singapore Flyer has reviewed its crowd control management after a customer complained of long queues and lack of social distancing during the first weekend of the launch of their National Day promotion.

Stomper SH Low shared with Stomp that while he also wanted to make use of this promotion, he did not manage to do so due to 'long queues' outside Singapore Flyer.

He also shared a photo that he took of the crowd outside Singapore Flyer.

"I took up Singapore Flyer's National Day promotion and booked the 5pm-7pm slot on August 1," SH Low said.

"I arrived at 5.30pm to find the queue to be 200m long outside and another 300m within the building.

"The crowd did as much social distancing as possible but as seen in the photo, it was not sufficient."

The Stomper also mentioned that the staff members at Singapore Flyer were trying to do their best to explain the situation.

He added that the "booth to reschedule was only manned by one staff member" and that the queue seemed to be half an hour long.

"Overall, it was a very bad experience," he shared.

In response to a Stomp query, a spokesman for Singapore Flyer said: "We sincerely thank our guests for the support and patience as we welcomed our guests from the first weekend of our National Day promotion.

"It was a longer wait than expected but we have immediately reviewed our admission procedure and crowd control management to address the situation.

"We would like to assure all that Singapore Flyer is committed to providing a safe and enjoyable experience.

"More information on the measures we have taken are outlined in our Welcome Guide, which is available for viewing on"

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