Shopee seller delivers pot to wrong address -- but customer ordered coffee table

Submitted by Stomper Elly

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A Shopee seller refuses to refund a customer even though the seller delivered the wrong item to the wrong address.

Stomper Elly had ordered a TV console and a coffee table from Shopee seller last month. She paid $692.50 for the TV console and $450 for the coffee table.

"I ordered them at the same time, but I have only received the TV console," she said. "It has been been a month and I have not received my coffee table."

When the Stomper tried to get a refund, the seller said the item had been delivered.

She was sent a photo of a package with her shipping number on it, but the address on the package is not hers. The label on the package says Rivervale Crescent, but the Stomper lives in Sembawang Drive.

Yet the shipping number on the label, HX88343235874, is the same as the one on her order.

Also, the description of the item says "pot" in Chinese, not "coffee table".

"Which means the seller didn't send out my item," said the Stomper.

Last month, Stomp reported that Shopee customer returned a "faulty" dish rack to a seller only to get back a "used" table instead of refund.