SFA investigating incident of chef cutting nails and skin in kitchen of McNair Road coffee shop

Submitted by Stomper Anonymous

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The Singapore Food Agency (SFA) is investigating an incident in which a man was seen cutting his nails and skin in the cooking area of a coffee shop at Block 122 McNair Road.

Stomper Anonymous said she was queueing to buy lunch at the coffee shop on Monday (Feb 3) when she noticed the man.

She identified the man as a chef working at the coffee shop.

Anonymous said: "I usually get breakfast from the coffee shop before heading to work. I was getting lunch at around 1.45pm that day when I saw him cutting his nails.

"I did not manage to capture that on video, but I recorded him cutting his skin in the cooking area.

"There is only one stall in the coffee shop and its kitchen was visible from where I was standing.

"I find this disgusting."

In a video that Anonymous shared with Stomp, the man can be seen trimming the skin on his hand with a nail clipper.

Responding to a Stomp query, SFA said it is investigating the matter.