Sex offender Amos Yee on parole in US rearrested after posting online: 'I'd break the law again'

Singaporean sex offender Amos Yee has been rearrested in the US after posting online about reoffending.

He was released on parole last month less than halfway into his six-year jail term for grooming a teenage girl and possessing child pornography.

According to the US Victim Notification System, 25-year-old Yee is in custody at the Stateville Correctional Center in the state of Illinois as of Tuesday (Nov 7).

Someone, who claimed to be acquainted with Yee in the US, posted on Reddit on Wednesday morning (Singapore time): "Today I got a text from the prison authorities that Amos has been rearrested.

"So I called his house, and his housemate answered. He said he was coming back from the store at around 11am when he saw Amos being handcuffed by police officers.

"He asked Amos and the officers what happened, all of them kept quiet and kept on moving. They took all of Amos' belongings too."

Amos Yee rearrested for breaking parole conditions.
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The US Department of Corrections told Channel News Asia that Yee was readmitted on a parole violation. 

Sentenced on Dec 2, 2021, Yee was expected to be in prison until Oct 8, 2026, but was released on parole on Oct 7 this year.

Because of his offences, he was required to be listed on the sex offender registry.

In February 2019, he had repeatedly requested that a 14-year-old girl living in Texas provide photos of herself in the nude with him returning in kind. He also engaged in role play and sexual fantasies with her and exchanged thousands of messages.

After his release on parole, he posted on his blog on Oct 23: "Frankly, if I develop another close relationship with someone underage that I’m sexually attracted to, I’d break the law again, and do something sexual with that kid."

In the same post, he also wrote: "So, the big question… What do I plan to do now?

"My plan is… to go back to Singapore."

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