Sea of Pokemon hunters storm across road Hougang Ave 10 to Punggol Park, blocking oncoming cars and buses

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A Stomper was shocked to a huge swarm of people mindlessly run across the road to get to Punggol Park from 401 Hougang Avenue 10 at 10.15pm.

The Stomper took a video of the incident, which shows a large congregating at the estate, which is known to have rare Pokemons.

The incident comes hot on the heels of a previous video, showing a group of around 30 people can be seen recklessly dashing across the road to get to a Pokemon that appeared on the other side.

The Stomper said the size of these groups has since doubled from the previous incident.

"It has been a nightmare living there since this craze started," said the Stomper. 

"Police had to be called in to handle the carpark situation too.

"It caused a major congestion with people coming non-stop until even after midnight."