Bus captain not holding steering wheel with leg up at Bedok junction: Disciplinary action being taken

Submitted by Stomper Wai

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The bus was stationary at first, then started to move.

A bus captain was caught on camera not holding the steering wheel with a leg up while waiting for the light to change at a Bedok traffic junction.

Stomper Wai shared a video of the incident which took place on bus service 222 at the junction of Bedok North Avenue 3 and Bedok North Road on April 23 at 10.36am.

"The bus driver's image and outlook fail," said the Stomper.

"Can you drive this way?

"Does LTA (Land Transport Authority) or traffic police approve driving without holding the steering wheel and your leg up?"

As the bus continued moving, the bus captain's hands returned to the steering wheel, but the leg remained up.

In response to a Stomp query, Mrs Grace Wu, Vice President (Special Grade) of Customer Experience and Communications at SBS Transit said: "We take a serious view of this and are taking disciplinary action against the Bus Captain concerned."