Viral video allegedly shows brother hitting sister for lying about leaving sick mum to meet boyfriend

Submitted by Stomper Zubaidah, Resham, Yusri, Chelsy, Randy, Anonymous

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The violence has sparked outrage in two countries.

Sabah police are investigating a viral video of a male teen viciously assaulting a female teen, said the Kota Kinabalu district police chief in a media statement on Monday (Oct 31).

The video circulated online over the weekend in Singapore too as several Stompers shared the clip.

Stomper Zubaidah said: "Please help to find out who this despicable bully is and report him to the authorities."

Stomper Resham added: "Please arrest this fellow."

The video shows the boy, who wore what appears to be a school shirt, slapping the cowering girl three times on the head as she was backed into the wall of an empty hallway.

He then kicked her in the torso and one of his slippers fell off. He picked it up and hit her five more times on the head with the footwear as she wailed.

Another male teen wearing the same school shirt can be seen at the beginning of the 18-second clip.

The incident was said to have happened in a shopping centre in Kota Kinabalu, although it had not been confirmed, according to the Sabah police statement.

The statement added that the police had not received a police report but are investigating the video.

Malaysian celebrities such as Neelofa, Yana Samsudin and Syafiq Farhain have commented on the case.

In response to Neelofa's tweet, at least two people claimed that the boy and girl are siblings, and the brother found out that the sister had lied about staying with their sick mother and gone to meet her boyfriend instead.

It was later alleged that the incident took place in a Kota Kinabalu hospital.

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