Boy, 10, allegedly bullied and hurt in Canadian International School for not speaking English

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Sept 12, 2022

A 10-year-old boy studying at an international school in Singapore was allegedly bullied on multiple occasions by four students, leaving him with injuries, Shin Min Daily News reported.

The boy's mother, referred to only as Ma, made a police report after the latest incident left her son with facial injuries.

Ma, a 40-year-old bank manager who moved here from China, told Shin Min that the alleged bullying started in August 2021.

Her son – who attends the Canadian International School (CIS) – was teased by four other students because he could not speak English.

In February this year, Ma found scratches on her son's back, but she said her son stopped her from complaining to the school.

The bullying, however, did not stop.

On June 3, the classmate who had scratched Ma's son, pushed him towards a climbing wall, causing his forehead to swell.

On Aug 17, the same classmate tripped the boy, causing bruises on his knees and elbows. After this incident, Ma received an e-mail explanation from the school. The classmate's parents also apologised.

The final straw came on Aug 29, when the four classmates pulled down the boy's pants at least ten times, Ma said.

These incidents took place at various locations, including the classroom, canteen, and outside the toilet.

When Ma's son asked why the boys were bullying him, one of them punched the boy’s face countless times, causing him to bleed.

In a statement to Shin Min dated Sept 9, CIS said the safety and welfare of their students, whether physical or psychological, remains the school's utmost priority.

CIS said the school does not tolerate bullying, and will take all such allegations seriously.

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