Old auntie vs Malaysian car driver: Watch videos of road dispute and decide who's at fault

Submitted by Stomper Eric

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A reader has sent in another video footage taken from the dashboard camera of the alleged road bully.

It is unclear whether this reader is the road bully himself.

When asked, he told Stomp that 'the source of the video is not important'. 

According to the reader, the auntie had been jamming on her brakes, provoking the driver of the Malaysian car who proceeded to overtake her.

So who's right in this case?

Take a look at the new video and decide for yourself. 

Original article:

Stomper Eric sent to Stomp a video of a road bully who aggressively tailgated and shouted at an elderly female driver.

According to the timestamp on the video, the incident happened yesterday (Aug 15) at around 1.23pm. 

The driver of a Malaysia-registered gold car could be seen tailgating the auntie's car in the footage.

The bully then overtook the auntie’s car and pulled over.

Next, he alighted his vehicle and confronted the auntie, who had stopped behind him.  

From the video, he could be seen shouting, and raising his hands aggressively.

The driver and the auntie got into a heated argument during which the bully took out a phone and pointed it at the auntie, seemingly to film or take a photo of the elderly woman. 

While the two argued, a white car pulled over behind the auntie’s vehicle, and the driver, a man in black, stepped out to offer assistance.

The bully seemingly backed off and moved to his vehicle, before circling back to the auntie’s car, shouting. 

He then got back on his gold ride and drove off. 

It is unclear where the incident took place. 

The first video shows the accident from the perspective of the auntie. 

The second video shows the accident from the perspective of the Malaysian car driver.