Resident fed up with 'persistent and irresponsible' dumping at Lengkok Bahru block

Submitted by Stomper Jacky

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A Bukit Merah resident is fed up with the 'persistent and irresponsible' dumping of rubbish that has been happening in her neighbourhood.

Stomper Jacky shared with Stomp photos of rubbish left on the ground next to recycling bins at Block 46 Lengkok Bahru.

She said the photos were taken on Sept 29 and that the junk had been there for at least two days.

On Oct 3, she shared more photos.

"There was new junk and other non-recyclables," she said.

"And the recycling bins were empty!

"This issue has been happening almost daily and I'm very fed up and tired of reporting it on the OneService app."

In response to a Stomp query, Tanjong Pagar Town Council said it is aware of this issue.

"As the maintenance and clearing of recycling bins falls under National Environment Agency (NEA), we have sought NEA's assistance to clear the bins more frequently and to consider moving the recycling bins at this area," a TPTC spokesperson said.