Real life 'Finding Dory'? Woman catches goofy-looking blue fish from the sea

Earth is a big, big place and the oceans cover over three quarters of it.

It goes to say that there are a lot of unexplored territory and wonders out there waiting for Man to discover. 

Recently, an woman caught a bright blue fish and uploaded a photo of her catch online.

The photo in turn sparked a debate among netizens, many of whom argued that it was probably photoshopped.

Turns out, the goofy looking fish is real apparently, reports Diply,

In fact, the fish scientific name is scares coeruleus, a species of parrotfish. 

Parrotfish come in an assortment of colours, but the blue are the most famous due to their vivid, almost electric blue colouring. 

The fish live in shallow coral reefs and are most commonly found in the western Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea.

Their diet consist of algae, scrapped off rocks and tiny organisms found in their ecosystem.