Reader says S'poreans who throw away items used for 'choping' are rude -- because people also 'chope' tables in Japan

Submitted by Stomper Tery

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Stomper Tery feels that Singaporeans who throw away items used for 'choping ' seats are rude after observing that the trend is also common in Japan.

He alerted us to a video showing how the practice is not only widespread in the land of the rising sun, but also probably more drastic than that of ours.

The YouTube video the Stomper highlighted shows diners at Japanese eateries reserving seats with various items.

Unlike most 'chopers' here who use cheap and small items, however, the Japanese have no qualms in utilising bigger and more expensive articles.

In the video, patrons use handbags, baby strollers, shopping bags, jackets, suitcases and even cameras to 'mark their territory'.

This trend in Japan left Tery rather surprised.

He told Stomp in an email:

"Of all countries, this (choping) is also done in Japan, the epitome of excellent etiquette and graciousness, where people respect this practice.

"The only difference is that they use more expensive items, which would obviously not work here in Singapore.

"Why? Because of the same rude and antagonistic people who will take or throw away items used for choping."