Win liao lor: Woman stands in parking lot to chope spot for driver

Reserving, or 'choping' seats or spots by any means necessary seems to be a sad part of Singapore culture. 

You would think with the negative comments on people who 'chope' seats with packets of tissue, handphones, handbags, shopping bags, their children (ok, that might be an exaggeration), they would stop doing this.

 Unfortunately, it looks like we have gone a step above merely blocking of seats or spots, and 'evolved' to reserving an entire parking lot by standing there.

In a video posted on Beh Chia Lor- Singapore Roads, credited to PL Lim, a driver looking for a parking spot encounters a woman standing in an empty lot.

The woman continues to stand in the lot despite realising that the driver was looking for a lot.

She continuously waves the driver to move forward. 

The driver soon gives up and moves forward, only to realise that the woman was 'choping' the lot for the car that was behind him.

The driver of that vehicle (SLK 600 T), then reverses into the lot.