Rat infestation and 5 stalls with hygiene lapses found at Tangs Market after inspections by SFA, NEA

The Singapore Food Agency (SFA) and National Environment Agency (NEA) conducted two rounds of joint inspection at Tangs Market after a video of a rat falling onto a tray of food emerged online.

Several readers had alerted Stomp to the video, with one saying that she was there when the incident occurred at the food court on Nov 25. The food court is located at the basement of Tang Plaza at Orchard Road.

Stomper Anonymous witnessed the rat falling from the ceiling and said: "Everyone around that table was shocked, not only the person (whom the food belonged to)."

Stomper Anonymous said the incident occurred on Nov 25.

In the video, the rodent can be seen twitching on a tray of food after it fell from the ceiling. A female voice can be heard saying in the background, "Can somebody do something?"

SFA earlier told Stomp that it was investigating the matter and has since released a joint statement with NEA.

The two agencies said on Nov 28 that they are aware of the video circulating online, showing a rat on a food tray at Tangs Market.

"Immediately upon learning about the incident, SFA and NEA officers conducted two rounds of joint inspection at Tangs Market, where the officers inspected takeaway food shops as well as common areas and ceiling for signs of pest and rat infestation," added the statement.

"NEA will be taking enforcement action against the building management for rat infestation at the ceiling areas.

"SFA will also be taking enforcement action against five food shops found with hygiene lapses."

Food safety and vector control is a joint responsibility, the statement said, adding: "While agencies put in place and enforce regulatory measures, operators and premise owners must play their part too.

"SFA and NEA will continue to monitor the effectiveness of measures taken by the parties involved to safeguard food safety and eradicate the rodent issue."