Quit horsing around! Horse gallops down Johor Bahru highway

Submitted by Stomper Zhuan Jau

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A horse was seen galloping down the Johor Bahru Eastern Dispersal Link Expressway yesterday (Feb 9).

Stomper Zhuan Jau was travelling on the highway when she spotted the animal and whipped out her phone to record it.

It is unclear where the horse was going or where it had come from.

Despite this being an unusual sight, this is not the first time animals have been seen running amok on Malaysian highways.

In June, 2016, multiple sightings of undomesticated animals became a running joke among netizens.

The series of animals running amok began with an ostrich seen racing down the Federal Highway, followed by a horse spotted galloping along a highway in Kelantan, Kota Baru.

While a cow was seen racing down the middle of a busy road, a pig took it time to stroll down a street.

These incidents led to jokes on how Malaysia was becoming a 'free zoo' while some also compared the spate of animals sightings to 'Jumanji'.