Ostrich and horse not enough for you? Here's a pig and cow running down Malaysia roads

Malaysia is turning into a literal urban jungle, with numerous sightings of undomesticated animals racing down its highways recently.

An ostrich became an unlikely Internet star last week when it was spotted running along the Federal Highway.

The bird even sparked a series of hilarious memes, especially after netizens joked about how it kept within the speed limit.

Days later on June 19, a horse was spotted galloping down a highway in Kelantan, Kota Baru with little heed to motorists. It was said to have covered a distance of 10km in 45 minutes.

And now, a cow and a pig have apparently been sighted running wild on roads in Malaysia in separate incidents.

All Singapore Stuff uploaded videos of both animals yesterday (Jun 20) on Facebook.

While the cow can be seen racing along in the middle of the road as multiple vehicles passed it, the pig appeared to be more relaxed and took its own time strolling down the street. It even crossed a road despite oncoming traffic.

These bizarre animals sightings have led to netizens making jokes such as how there is a 'free zoo'.

One also commented, "At least this Jumanji game releases different animals one by one... All hell will break loose if they were to unleash the whole battalion."