Punggol resident grateful for 'free food' left on public bench: 'It really made my day'

Submitted by Stomper Farhan

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It was his lucky day.

Stomper Farhan was on his way home from work when he came across a plastic bag containing food left on a bench in Punggol near midnight on Thursday (Oct 12).

According to him, the meal in the bag was still 'fresh and hot'.

A Deliveroo delivery person had left a note on the bag saying the food was untouched and that the order was 'delivered wrongly'. They were unable to contact the customer.

The note said: "Please feel free to have it."

Farhan was initially undecided on whether to take the food but said that he had not really eaten well at work that day so he decided to take it home.

"The bag contained chicken chop with rice, fish and chips, fries and a chicken salad from Tenderbest Makcik Tuckshop at Punggol East," he said.

"I felt sad because I'm the one who saw this but the rider is nice and did not waste the food.

"I feel blessed and am so thankful to the rider.

"I really want to know who it is because it really made my day."