Punggol dormitory raided, 32 workers fined for having contraband cigarettes

Thirty-two foreign workers were fined for possessing duty-unpaid cigarettes after a raid was conducted on their dormitory in Punggol on Tuesday night (May 22).

Officers conducted checks on 400 workers in the joint operation by the Singapore Police Force and Singapore Customs.

The 32 offenders were issued with composition sums, said the Singapore Customs in a Facebook post on May 25.

Photos accompanying the post show enforcement officers going through the workers' belongings, as well as multiple packs of contraband cigarettes.

"The composition sum for a first-time offender who has up to one packet of duty-unpaid cigarettes in his possession is $500," said the post.

Heavier penalties will apply if he is found with more than one packet of duty-unpaid cigarettes and/or if he is a repeat offender.