PR 101: Angel Supermart shows you how to handle human error like a boss

Retail store Angel Supermart is looking for a customer by the name of Kiran to rectify an error in his cashcard top-up.

The shop, which is located at Block 326, Woodlands Street 32, appealed on its Facebook page for Kiran to contact them.

They explained that a new employee had charged Kiran $20 for a cashcard top-up, but 'forgot' to actually top-up the amount.

Apologising for the error that was made on July 1 at around 8.26am, Angel Supermart wrote:

"Our team member has since been retrained and counselled, we also understand [at] his age [he] needs more training (no team member was harmed).

"Contact Daniel [at] 90267051 (WhatsApp preferred) for the refund/top-up, along with a complimentary drink on us."

Thumbs up to Angel Supermart for good service recovery!