Local bar responds to customer's 1-star rating by calling her 'bitch', CEO sends rude PM

Update on July 4:

In an exclusive interview, CEO Norman Then told Stomp his side of the story.

He also shared CCTV footage that shows the customer, Ms Fawn Chia, arguing with a bouncer at Stickies.

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Original article:

By now, you probably have heard of the social media war that erupted on Facebook over the weekend, after a woman gave Stickies Bar a one-star rating.

But here's a lowdown in case you are still clueless about what happened:

1. Woman leaves one-star rating on Stickies' Facebook page

Fawn Chia's unhappiness stemmed from apparently being "chased away" by staff at the Sunset Lane outlet before Stickies' closing time of midnight.

2. Stickies responds to Fawn's allegations

Besides clarifying why customers had their drinks cleared by midnight, Stickies also told Fawn, "Perhaps you should consider giving your brain a 1-star rating, to match your IQ.

"Also, for [our] Sunset outlet, we have pet licenses to allow owners to bring their pets. Unfortunately I don't think the government allows for this special breed of 'bitch'."

Stickies also suggested that Fawn "check yourself into the pet clinic nearby" as "perhaps they are more suited to your taste."

3. Fawn responds with her side of the story

She told Stickies to "check with your staff properly before making accusations" and said that she was told to leave at 11.52pm, despite having eight more minutes to finish her drink.

4. CEO of Stickies Bar, responds with his personal account

CEO Norman Then replied to Fawn's allegations and said that she was rude to his staff. He also revealed that she backhanded a stack of Uno Stacko tiles and 'stomped off like a child' -- which Fawn subsequently admitted to and apologised for.

"We don't want your kind here," he wrote, adding that he does not see her as a customer.

5. Stickies Bar posts about "how to deal with difficult customers" on its business page

Links and screenshots of the saga are included.

6. Stickies Bar makes long post to "clear facts of this incident"

7. Fawn posts screenshot of a PM from Norman

Besides further clarifying what happened in chronological order, Fawn also revealed that Norman had sent her an "extremely sarcastic" private message.

In it, he identified himself and said, "I would like to apologise for the service my staff have offered to you today. Normally we don't extend such courteous to animals, but today we made an exception for you.

"However it seems that our service was up to your normal uncivilised standards so perhaps I'll send my staff for more training on how to deal with people with low IQ.

"I'd like to invite you back to Stickies on the date of never to join us on our celebration of never having you back. Perhaps you would like to bring along a plus one, may I suggest you invite forever to accompany your other friend alone."

He also signed off the message with "worst regards".

Netizens' reactions have been mostly mixed, with some slamming Fawn for having the "customer is always right" midnset while others criticised Norman for going overboard with unnecessary personal attacks.

While Fawn said in her post that she would like to put the matter to rest, it appears to be far from over as Stickies is still being flooded with one-star and five-star ratings from Facebook users, depending on whose side they are on.