Porsche in parking space meant for electric vehicles at Suntec City gets note: 'Don't be selfish'

Submitted by Stomper King

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It was not supposed to be there.

A Porsche Cayenne in a parking space meant for only electric vehicles (EV) at Suntec City prompted a note from an EV owner calling out the Porsche driver for being selfish.

Stomper King, who is the EV owner, shared photos of the Porsche in the distinctive green EV charging lot last month.

"A petrol car but parked in an EV charging lot, causing a lot of inconvenience for EV owners wanting to charge while having dinner or shopping at Suntec City," said the Stomper.

"This type of inconsiderate and selfish people must make him famous! Who does he think he is, driving a lousy Porsche and hogging an EV charging lot?"

The Stomper wrote the note, which said: "Please be considerate. This lot is for EV charging. Don't be selfish."

He then waited for the Porsche driver to return.

"He threw away the note, his facial expression showing he was not even feeling sorry," said the Stomper. "Arrogant idiot."

He added: "EV charging lots are limited in malls. There are so many empty lots, but he chose to park there."

In December last year, Stomp reported another Porsche driver getting a note for hogging an EV charging lot at Changi Airport.