Tesla driver allegedly breaks open electrical box at exec condo's carpark to charge vehicle

Submitted by Stomper J

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A Tesla driver has sparked outrage after being seen using electricity at a carpark to charge his car, apparently on more than one occasion.

Photos sent to Stomp show the Tesla being charged at the carpark of Sol Acres, an Executive Condominium (EC) in Choa Chu Kang, on Sunday (July 30), at around 3pm.

Stomper J, who alerted Stomp to the incident, said: "This Tesla driver broke the lock of the electrical box to plug in his 240V AC charger with a transformer under his car.

"When confronted and asked whether he knows who is paying for the power, he replied, 'Resident.'

"In the end when security came, he just drove off."

According to residents in a group chat, this is not the first time the Tesla driver has been sighted in the area.

Sharing concerns that residents have about the driver's behaviour, J said: "1. Breaking the lock of the power point is considered vandalism/damage to private property.

"2. Theft of water/electricity is wrong and it's common sense. There should not need to be any explicit notice to tell people that it is illegal.

"3. The way he replied that he knows the residents are paying for the electricity has made many residents unhappy as he was being guai *** when confronted.

"4. Lastly, he just drove off in the midst of residents this reporting to the police.

"The residents want to warn other condo owners to look out for this guy and for general awareness. I can foresee many more such cases to come, with higher adoption of electric vehicles here and many cheapos here."

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