Police called after woman keeps demanding free beancurd for takeaway at Haig Road hawker centre

The New Paper
Dec 16, 2023

A woman caused a commotion at a soya beancurd stall after she was denied free food.

The incident happened at the newly opened stall in Haig Road Market and Food Centre on Dec 14, reported Shin Min Daily News.

The 30-year-old owner told the Chinese evening daily that he was offering free bowls of beancurd as part of a three-day promotion, but limited to one for each customer.

The woman first came to the stall at 11am and asked for the beancurd to take away, even though the promotion was limited to customers dining in, said Mr Yang.

He recounted: "She asked for a lid and my staff told her nicely that she couldn't bring it home, but she made a fuss and yelled at us.

"As there were many customers in the queue, we gave in to her."

The same customer returned to the stall at 1pm, this time requesting two more bowls of beancurd to take away.

Despite the repeated explanation that takeaways were not part of the promotion, the woman persisted in creating a scene.

Frustrated customers eventually called the police and two officers arrived to talk to the woman for over 30 minutes.

Mr Yang said that he is used to running such promotions – usually on the first three days of a stall opening – to thank his customers.

"Notices on how the promotion works are displayed clearly," he added.

"I have seen many customers taking more than one bowl, but this is the first time that someone has asked for a takeaway lid and then creating a fuss after being turned down."

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