Is this reasonable? Tampines stall wants to charge customer for extra chilli sauce

Submitted by Stomper Anonymous

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It's all about the money, money, money.

Or at least that's how it feels like these days, from hawkers taking back their plastic bags from diners to inflated food prices.

A customer was surprised when he wanted more chilli sauce for the French fries she had ordered from a coffee stall in Tampines and was asked to pay $0.10 more per sachet.

Stomper Anonymous said the incident happened at the Western food stall at Block 823A Tampines Street 81 on Wednesday (July 26), at around 7.45pm.

Anonymous recounted: "I bought a packet of French fries which cost $5 and the stall gave me two small packets of chilli sauce. It was insufficient for my consumption, so I went to the stall to take three more packets of chilli sauce.

"However, I was stopped from taking more chilli sauce and was told that they had to charge me for every extra packet of chilli I took."

The extra $0.10 fee applies to tomato sauce too.

Anonymous, who said it was his first time patronising the stall, added: "It's not really about the amount they charge since it's just ten cents.

"But since I have bought already something from them, it's not like I am gonna take the sauce and waste it. It's really for consumption.

"I find this unreasonable, plus the food quality was also subpar."

The Stomper did not get the extra chilli sauce in the end.