Phone left in rented car returned with cracks in rear glass like 'someone tried to break it using hammer'

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There was good news and bad news after a woman left her iPhone in a car she rented.

The good news was she got her phone back. The bad news was her phone was not the same.

The Stomper shared a video of what her phone looked like after its return.

She has since made a police report.

The Stomper said that she had rented the car on Jan 28 and returned it on the same day at about 7.30pm.

"Upon returning home, I realised I had left my phone in the car," she recounted.

"I contacted the car-sharing operator and they gave me the contact number of the next user. I texted him via WhatsApp and he said, yes, my phone is in the car and he would return the phone."

The Stomper's husband met the user and collected her phone on the same evening at 10.40pm.

"He did not see anything amiss with the phone," said the Stomper. "He just took the phone and left."

When she got her phone back, she noticed it was slightly out of its case.

"The battery had significantly drained to below 10 per cent. When I left my phone in the car, the battery was around 80 per cent," recalled the Stomper.

"That night, my phone became unusually hot, but I didn't suspect anything.

"The following morning, I observed increased heat. I removed the phone from its case and discovered the back part of the phone was broken.

"But there were no splinters in the case and the case was undamaged."

She told Stomp: "I think someone tried to break it using a hammer and the Apple Store staff said the same thing."

The Apple Store said the rear glass of the device had multiple cracks and the wireless charger was exposed and dented.

The Stomper tried to get her iPhone 14 Plus repaired at the Apple Store but instead replaced it with a new one at the cost of $905.62.

In response to a Stomp query, the police confirmed that a report was lodged.

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