Woman's faith in humanity 'renewed' by kind soul who returned lost phone and refused reward

Submitted by Stomper Joyce Kwek

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Stomper Joyce Kwek is filled with warmth and gratitude whenever she uses her handphone now.


She had lost her phone on Saturday morning (Apr 1) and thought it was gone for good, but was reunited with it thanks to the efforts of a Good Samaritan.

Joyce recounted: "I was having breakfast at a coffee shop in Serangoon Central at around 9.30am when I couldn't find my handphone in my handbag.

"In a panicked mood, I rummaged through my handbag several times and also retraced my route through the shops I had visited, but was still unable to find my handphone anywhere.

"I recalled that the last time I used it was to check for the arrival timings of bus services, so I must have dropped it at the bus stop.

"Upon reaching home, I asked my husband to ring my handphone. Immediately, a lady (Ms Yap) answered the call and confirmed that she had found my handphone. We arranged to meet in Kovan for me to get the phone back."

The pair subsequently met up. Joyce did not manage to get Ms Yap's full name, but took a picture with her as a keepsake.

Joyce added: "Ms Yap refused any monetary reward. I am very impressed with her honesty in returning my handphone and it has renewed my faith in humanity!

"Now whenever I use my handphone, I feel very grateful for her good deed and I bless her daily."