Phone addicts fail to give up MRT seat to heavily pregnant commuter -- except for elderly woman

Submitted by Stomper Anonymous

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Commuters on a train were so preoccupied with their mobile devices that they failed to notice a heavily pregnant woman in need of an MRT seat.

Stomper Anonymous, who is 38 years old and eight months pregnant, expressed her disappointment in the incident that occurred on Monday (Sept 11), at around 3.30pm.

She was travelling from Buona Vista to Boon Lay on the East-West Line.

A video taken by Anonymous shows her standing on the train with her pregnant belly. The train appeared to be quite packed, with many commuters using their handphones.

The Stomper said: "No one showed consideration at all and were busy with their phones, even when they saw me. It was like this until Lakeside MRT station and an old auntie stood up for me."

Anonymous told Stomp that this is in fact a common occurrence when she takes public transport. However, she does not feel comfortable enough to ask for a seat.

She explained: "It's not the first time I am travelling with a pregnant tummy or my first time experiencing something like this. Sometimes people just stare at me and then focus on their phones despite my obvious belly.

"I feel so embarrassed just having people see that I am pregnant. Moreover, the reserved seats are always occupied with young people who simply stare and ignore me. I don’t feel comfortable to ask for a seat from this kind of people.

"I hope this video will open people's eyes so that they can be more considerate, especially to those who require help. That’s all."