Pest control worker cooks and distributes food to Malaysian friends stranded because of Covid-19

Submitted by Stomper Irwan

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A kind Stomper took the initiative to cook and distribute food to his Malaysian friends who are still stranded in Singapore due to Covid-19.

Mohd Irwan Masop, an employee of Rentokil Initial Pest Control, shared with Stomp that he decided to do this during the fasting month and so that his friends have meals to break their fast with.

However, he donated food to Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

"We all have worked together for the last six years despite being posted around.

"Our brotherhood is even stronger than before.

"They all have had to stay in Singapore since last year due to Covid-19 and this is the second time they all have to fast in Singapore while their families are back in Malaysia.

"We share all our worries and happiness together and even before fasting month, we gathered together for dinner and caught up with one another.

"I feel them and know how worried they are about their loved ones back home, some of them have even returned because they miss their families so much but we still keep in touch via our group chat."