Pest control called in after Woodlands resident says estate is infested with ants to 'crazy extent'

Submitted by Stomper Rebekah

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Having inconsiderate neighbours can be frustrating, but living with pests and creepy-crawlies is just as unsavoury.

Stomper Rebekah recently moved into Block 521 Woodlands Drive 14 but did not get the peace of mind she was looking for.

She told Stomp on Wednesday (June 21): "I moved here in early June and noticed many issues that are dangerous, especially if kids are walking around the block.

"There are so many ant nests here. It is so scary because people might not notice and step on them, resulting in very bad outcomes.

"I saw ant nests in the carpark, below my block and at the bus stop near my block. It's just infested to such a crazy extent. I wouldn't sit here and type this during my office hours if I didn't have something so disturbing to share.

"My daughter was standing right at the bus stop where the ants were for about 10 seconds and there were already ants on her sandals. These are big ants and it's painful when they bite. Imagine hundreds of them crawling on her person.

"There are also lizard droppings everywhere, such as on the pillars of the carpark and on my house pillars.

"I know Woodlands is an old estate but then they should increase frequency of pest control services, right? These need to be taken care of immediately.

"I have emailed the town council but hope Stomp can help to spread the news, so that the authorities will take immediate action and no other kids will be hurt."

Rebekah also shared photos and a video showing a long line of ants at her block.

In response to a Stomp query, a spokesman for Marsiling-Yew Tee Town Council said: "The resident only notified the town council on the day itself, earlier in the morning.

"Since then, our pest control experts applied the necessary treatment while our cleaners assisted to clear and sanitise the area. The issue has since been resolved and we will continue to monitor to minimise any recurrence.

"Thank you for bringing this to our attention and we trust this closes the matter."