People standing at Bruno Mars concert block view of woman who can't stand due to leg fracture

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It was pop star Bruno Mars' last show in Singapore.

But the concert was ruined for one fan on April 6 when the people in front of her stood up and blocked her view of the show in the National Stadium.

When Stomper Grace asked one of them to sit down, "What's the point?" was the reply.

"Bruno Mars was great, but the whole concert experience was ruined by these self-entitled young Singaporean adults," said the Stomper, who shared a photo of the people standing in front of her.

"I politely told the girl in the middle to sit down as she was blocking the viewers behind her. She rudely replied, 'What's the point?'

"These girls then stood in the seating area throughout the entire concert. My daughter and I spent the whole concert peeking over their shoulders.

"The young adults beside me were standing as well and blocking the people behind them. Lots of arguing. They almost got into a fight and still these young adults continued standing throughout the whole concert."

The Stomper explained that she bought seats as she could not stand for long periods due to a leg fracture.

"Even if I could stand to have a better view, I would also be blocking the viewers behind. It was fine to stand for a new 'hype' song when the whole stadium was standing. However, these girls were standing throughout the whole concert even when the rest were all sitting down," said the Stomper.

"How do I know they are Singaporeans? They were singing the national song Home very enthusiastically and passionately.

"These young adults need to learn to be considerate and not be a nuisance to society. If their parents can't teach them this basic rule, it should be learned in school."

The Stomper added: "The Singapore Government's push to be a concert hub is great, but the experience for the concert-goer is extremely lacking.

"Singapore has sacrificed everything to push for economic progress, but the country is becoming more and more unbearable to live due to its people.

"It is important to educate the younger generation starting in kindergarten and primary school on the importance of manners and community awareness as they are obsessed with self-fulfilment and individualism these days."

In March, another Stomper also shared a photo of someone blocking her at a Taylor Swift concert.

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