Stomper pays $550 to see Taylor Swift but is blocked by uncle, others complain of 'awful experience'

Submitted by Stomper Amy

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Bad blood among Swifties?

It was supposed to be a night of celebration for Taylor Swift fans in Singapore, but for some, it was an experience they wish they could shake off.

One fan was disappointed that after paying hundreds of dollars to see the pop star in concert, her view was blocked by another Swiftie who refused to sit down.

Stomper Amy shared a photo of a man in a Taylor Swift T-shirt standing in front of a row of chairs at the National Stadium on March 2 during the singer's first of six sold-out shows in Singapore for The Eras Tour. A woman next to him was also standing up.

"Not defeated by restricted area but defeated by selfish people," said the Stomper.

"Hello uncle, I know you're in row one, but other people from row two onwards also need to see Taylor Swift, you know?"

The Stomper said she tried asking the man to sit down.

"He chose to just ignore us. We turned to the security guards, but they said their job was just to control the crowds," recounted the Stomper, who paid $550 for her ticket.

"To be honest, the retail price for my ticket is $328. With booking charges, it's $338. But I bought the ticket elsewhere for $550.

"We tried hard to buy tickets and paid a big amount to come in because we are genuine fans and this happened. So disappointing."

Others who attended the concert also complained online about poorly behaved fans and the lack of proper crowd control.

An X user named Perry Cooper Hung tweeted: "I flew all the way here, from Taiwan to SG, expected to see a well-behaved, rule-followed Swifties, but after the show started, people from the back were going crazy, flooded into the front of the aisle...

"They kept on pushing and pushing, until there was no room for me to stand. The stadium was really warm and humid, I started feeling nauseous. So, I tried to ask for the staff's help.

"I thought they were professional enough to deal with this situation, especially the concert, 100 million, the Singaporean government paid for. But no. They simply shrugged, and said: 'There's nothing we can do, sir.'"

Another fan, TikTok user Linmaxin, posted a video where she recounted how people from other sections kept going to her VIP1 section, for which she had paid about $1,800.

"The security guards didn't really know what to do," she said. "As a result, there was just overcrowding in that one singular section..."

"People were shoving at us... It was a little hard to breathe at some point."

She said: "The security guard, instead of telling people to go back to their sections, they push the extra people into our rows... so it just caused even more crowding."

She also described an altercation with a fan from another section who shoved her and told her to move in her own section.

The TikToker said she just felt "really, really sad" about her "awful" experience.

@linmaxin excuse me while i take a week to cry about this lol… #erastour #erastoursg @Singapore Sports Hub @Taylor Nation ♬ original sound - lin

Someone else claimed to have witnessed people without tickets getting into the concert.