Parents, please educate your kids: Boy dashes in front of car turning right at Sengkang junction

Submitted by Stomper Ray

This story was submitted via Stomp App contribution.

A driver was stunned when a young child suddenly dashed in front of his car while he was about to make a right turn in Sengkang on Oct 26.

Stomper Ray shared with Stomp footage taken from his in-car camera of the incident that happened at about 2.38pm.

In the video, the boy runs in front of Ray's car from the left while holding a phone in his left hand.

The traffic lights are green and in favour of motorists.

"I nearly hit a kid who dashed across the road in front of the traffic light despite pedestrians not being permitted to cross at the time," Ray said.

"I hope the parents can see this video and educate their son properly about the dangers of crossing the road."