Passer-by leaves angry note on supermarket trolley abandoned at Somme Road park

Submitted by Stomper Wendy

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An abandoned trolley sparked the ire of a passer-by who expressed how annoyed they were at the inconsiderate act.

Stomper Wendy shared with Stomp photos of the trolley, and the note left on it, that were taken at a park at Somme Road on Aug 7.

The note says: "Steal trolley and dump it here. Who the f*** is going to clear it? A*******."

Unfortunately, abandoned trolleys are not an uncommon sight.

Other Stompers have also expressed anger at such inconsiderate behaviour.

In January last year, FairPrice told The Straits Times: "On average, the costs of repairing, replacing and retrieving unreturned trolleys is about $150,000 a year."