"Supermarket trolleys are not personal property"

It is not uncommon to come across an abandoned supermarket trolley in your neighbourhood, some youths even take them on joyrides.

However, Stomper Travis expressed his frustration when he saw a trolley placed outside a neighbour's unit in Yishun like it belonged to them.

"Supermarket trolleys are not meant to be placed at common corridors as if they're one's personal property," he said. 

"It is unhygienic to leave the trolley this way near a dirty cabinet.

"These are lazy, inconsiderate and self-entitled people who are not physically disabled, they're just overweight.

"They can go on jogs and exercise in the neighbourhood to try to lose weight but find it too tedious to carry their own groceries.

"The Sheng Siong supermarket is a stone's throw away at Junction 9, Yishun. Literally, just diagonally across the road from this block of flats.

"A routine twice or thrice weekly supermarket run, carrying groceries would probably be more effective for losing those extra pounds than inconsistent jogging which is more like brisk walking."

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