Passer-by concerned to see potted plants on 16th-floor aircon ledge in Tampines

Submitted by Stomper E

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Killer litter waiting to happen?

Stomper E was concerned to see multiple potted plants on an air-conditioner ledge on the 16th floor of Block 618A Tampines Street 61.

The Stomper shared a photo of the safety hazard taken on Friday (July 28), at around 7pm.

He said: "I was passing through the area making a delivery and happened to see the number of flower pots placed illegally on the air-con ledge. The front of the unit was also clustered with many potted plants.

"I didn't report this to the town council but assume it has been going on for quite awhile since nobody appears to have reported this before.

"Although the size of the flower pots look big enough to withstand rogue winds, I still feel it is dangerous and a hazard in the event if the pots were to drop 16 floors down.

"By government regulations, there shouldn't be any kind of items placed on the air-con ledge for safety purposes."

Stomp understands that the town council has informed the Housing & Development Board (HDB) about the issue.

According to HDB's website, residents are to keep their air-conditioner ledge clean and free of obstruction at all times.