Pasir Ris resident leaves note about neighbour's 'thunderous footsteps' -- in 4 languages

Submitted by Stomper FT

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Disturbed by a neighbour's loud footsteps from upstairs, a resident in Pasir Ris decided to leave a note asking the said person to be more considerate towards other people.

What makes the note even more special is that it came in Singapore's four main languages: English, Mandarin  (accompanied by a 'hanyu pinyin' translation), Malay and Tamil.

The note says:

"Dear neighbour,

"Please consider the plight of your neighbour living below you. As you walk through your hall and bedroom, think about the people living below you. Your gentle footsteps may sound like giant footsteps thundering below.

"Spare a thought. Your neighbour will bless you.

"Thank you."

Stomper FT, who shared a photo of the note with Stomp, said:

"This was found at the lift lobby at a block of flats in Pasir Ris.

"The owner of this note is mindful of Singapore's multi-lingual and multi-cultural context and even provided a hanyu pinyin version of the note.

"Hope the giant(s) will take note, thread softly and be blessed by his/her neighbour(s)."