BMW driver gets multiple angry notes and threats for 'goondu' parking at SGH carpark

Submitted by Stomper Steven

This story was submitted via Stomp App contribution.

Trying to get a parking spot at Singapore General Hospital (SGH) is tough enough -- but this BMW driver made things even worse.

On Jan 6, Stomper Steven came across a driver who had pissed off many motorists by parking in the middle of two lots and hence received at least three angry notes.

The notes called the BMW owner names like 'inconsiderate idiot' and one even said, "Park like this again and I'll key the shit out of your car."

Said the Stomper:

"Was at this SGH hospital on Friday afternoon and after dropping my wife off at Block 3, I proceeded to look for a parking lot at MacAlister Road.

"As we all know, searching for a parking lot at SGH is so tough and yet I came across a very inconsiderate driver who occupied two lots for his luxurious BMW.

"Attached are photos taken yesterday."