Parking warden outside River Valley polling station to catch people parking illegally to vote?

Submitted by Stomper Alex

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A Certis parking warden was spotted outside the polling station at River Valley Primary School on Friday (Sept 1), which was polling day for the 2023 Presidential Election.

Stomper Alex shared photos of the officer and his motorcycle parked on the side of River Valley Green at around 2:38pm.

"I thought this may be amusing," said the Stomper.

"There's a road next to my polling station where people stopped their cars for no more than five minutes to vote. Just in and out."

"There was never any queue and no public parking nearby during each election. This time, it looked like a hardworking officer had set up shop here.

"People continued to stop their cars in front of him and appeared to get ticketed when they walked away."

On Wednesday, the police had advised voters to take public transport or where possible, walk to their polling station on polling day.

"Parking will not be allowed within the premises of polling stations located in places such as schools and community centres," said the police.

"It will also not be allowed along the roads near the polling stations; enforcement action will be taken. Vehicles found parking indiscriminately or causing obstruction may also be towed away."