Certis to take disciplinary action against parking warden who beat red light in Bedok

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Certis will be taking stern disciplinary action against a parking warden who was caught on camera beating the red light, a spokesman told Stomp.

A video posted on Facebook shows the incident that occurred near Bedok Reservoir Road on February 22, at around 10am.

In the video, a Certis officer can be seen riding a motorcycle and ignoring the red light to make a left turn.

A caption accompanying the video said: "Whatever the reason, he made this illegal turn from a wrong lane and also beat the red light."

Many netizens slammed the Certis officer's behaviour, with some calling him a "bad example".

In response to a Stomp query, a Certis spokesman said on Friday (Feb 25): "An immediate investigation was conducted following a video that showed one of our parking wardens turning on a red traffic light.

"We will be taking stern disciplinary action against the officer.

"We take such incidents seriously and expect the highest level of discipline and personal conduct from our officers, whether they are on or off duty."