Parents encourage child to hang on MRT handrail, mum shouts at Stomper for taking photo

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There is something about the MRT handrail that is irresistible to kids.

A child was caught on camera hanging on the handrail of the train at the encouragement of the parents, according to Stomper Ethan.

"The parents allowed and even encouraged the kid to hang on MRT handrail like a monkey," said the Stomper, who shared a photo of the incident on the North-East Line at 1.12pm on Oct 14.

"The mother even shouted at me, asking why I took a picture of them, instead of stopping what the child was doing and apologising.

"This is the reason our public transport is being abused by inconsiderate people. We need to speak up."

Unlike the Stomper, an elderly man sitting next to the family in the photo appeared to be rather amused by the child who hung on the handrail for about three minutes, according to the Stomper.

Stomp has reported such incidents in October and June last year.

But it is not just kids. In 2021, Stomp reported a man doing pull-ups on the train.